Exactly how Are Commercial Cleaning Services Totally different from Residential Cleaning Services?

The main difference between commercial cleaning services plus residential cleaning services is that a single company works in office structures, and on commercial properties, while the other companies work in private homes.

There are commercial cleaning services that clean residential homes. Many of the services clean houses after new construction. They obtain all of the window panes cleaned, they will remove debris, and they get the houses ready for their occupants.

Let’s take a look at commercial cleaning services and residential cleaning services:

Commercial Cleaning Services

᾿ They generally come to clean during a period when the business is closed to the public
᾿ Sweep all flooring that have tile, wood, ceramic, laminate, or linoleum
᾿ Vacuum carpeted sections
᾿ Replace air freshener cartridges as needed
᾿ Clean the bathrooms throughout the building
᾿ Clean the entrance doors and all glass interior doors
᾿ Cleaner all floor that have tile, ceramic, linoleum, wood, laminate, or vinyl fabric coverings
᾿ Empty all trash receptacles
᾿ Clean break areas
᾿ Dust office furniture such as desks, file cabinets, and venetian window blinds
᾿ Clean ceiling fans, and may change air conditioner filters
᾿ Shampoo carpets and rugs twice a year or as needed
᾿ Polish tile floors twice a year or as needed
᾿ May change light bulbs in fixtures and do simple maintenance jobs

Residential Cleaning Services

᾿ Wash dishes or load the dishwasher
᾿ Wash clothes
᾿ Sweep plus mop all floors that do not need carpet
᾿ Make the beds
᾿ Change sheets when necessary
᾿ Water house plants
᾿ Dust all end tables, book cases, and wooden furniture
᾿ Clean ceiling fans and keep them free of dirt
᾿ Scrub bathroom including shower and tub
᾿ Clear mirrors
᾿ Hang up clothing and grab clutter
᾿ Clean out refrigerators
᾿ Clear kitchen counters
᾿ Bare trash baskets in all rooms

Both cleaning service do many of the same jobs but the commercial services will have more varied jobs because every business is different.

Services that work along with mainly residential customers will usually deliver one person, sometimes two people, to a house to do the work. Services that clean businesses may send several workers to do the work needed.

Services that clean residential homes may not perform background checks on their employees, but solutions that clean businesses will do background checks on their employees, because businesses have more confidential materials to be concerned with.
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Businesses have to be more careful about what skin cleansers they allow the services to use whenever they clean their spaces than property owners do. The homeowner only needs to worry about chemicals causing reactions in their own family members, while a business owner has all of their employees, and customers to consider.

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