The Scary Story Suggestion for Halloween night

If you are holding a Halloween party this particular weekend and are looking for ideas to get sharing some scary Halloween stories I’ve added a suggestion below.

Hannah and Jane were hanging more spider web decorations in the sitting room when Mum came in. “You better hurry up and finish girls. Aunty Pat will be here soon with Harry and Alice, as well as your party starts in an hour. Where’s your brother? ”

Joe has been upstairs looking for his microphone. He wanted to hide and make frightening noises and scare his siblings. Joe looked everywhere for his microphone but he couldn’t believe it is

“I bet Hannah used it so she could watch herself singing in the mirror” Joe thought to himself. So he went into Hannah’s bed room to try and find his microphone. May well looked under Hannah’s bed and in her wardrobe but he could not find it anywhere. He went over to her chest of drawers to look in there yet as he reached for the drawer button something brushed across his hands.

“What was that? ” Joe yelled out loud. The drawer’s knob has been all green and gooey. Then he felt something brush against his shoulder.

Joe turned around quickly and shouted “Who’s there? ” yet no-one was behind him. Later on was starting to get scared and wished he hadn’t come into Hannah’s room at all. It was getting dark outside and it was almost period for the party. Joe ran out of Hannah’s bedroom and moved rapidly across the hallway to Jane’s space.

He decided to have a quick look with regard to his microphone in Jane’s room but as he moved towards the doorway he heard scratching noises and small moaning sounds. Joe failed to like the sounds coming from Jane’s room at all and was starting to believe maybe they had a ghost intended for real.

Joe ran downstairs plus into the living room. “We’ve got a ghost upstairs! ” he shouted out when he saw their sisters.

“Don’t be silly May well, ” said Jane, who was the eldest and always very sensible. “There are no ghosts within this house. ”

“There are, ” insisted Joe. “I saw this upstairs. ”

“Where? ” asked Jane.

“In Hannah’s room, inch explained Joe.

“What were a person doing in my room Joe?
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” asked Hannah. “I’m going to tell Mum, ” and Hannah stomped off to the kitchen to tell the girl Mum that Joe had been in her room.

“Mum!! ” Hannah shouted, but Mum wasn’t in the kitchen.

“Mum!! ” Hannah shouted up the stairway. But Mum wasn’t upper level either.

Hannah ran back into the sitting room where Jane and Joe were arguing about regardless of whether there was a ghost in their house delete word.

“I can’t find Mum, ” Hannah said. “Where could the lady be? ”

“Maybe the ghost has took her, ” mentioned Joe.

Jane decided to end Joe’s ghost story once and for all. “Come upon! ” she called as the lady walked out of the room.

“Where are usually we going? ” asked May well and Hannah.

“We’re going to find about this ghost, and then maybe we are able to stop talking about it, ” Jane explained.

As they got to the bottom of the stairs Joe looked up plus saw something white move over the landing. “Look!! ” shouted Joe.

Hannah and Jane both appeared up but didn’t see anything at all. “I just saw it. I actually promise I did! ” Joe cried out. Hannah and Jane both looked at each other nervously.

“Come on, ” Jane whispered and very thoroughly they all started walking up the stairs.

As they reached the top Jane put her finger to her lips, “Shhh” she said. “Do you hear that? ”

Hannah, Joe and Anne all stood at the top of the stairs listening. They could hear the scratching and faint moaning noise coming from Jane’s bedroom. “See!!! ” May well whispered, “I told you! ”

“Shhh, ” Jane insisted again. “Come on! ” and all three of them moved quietly into the hallway. Jane opened Hannah’s door and investigated her bedroom. “It looks okay in here” she said to another two.

“I saw gooey things on Hannah’s drawer, see if is actually still there, ” Joe mentioned. Jane walked over to Hannah’s cabinet and as she was about to put her hand on the drawer knob the girl felt something brush against her hair. “Aarrghhh!! ” she screamed. Joe and Hannah ran into the room to see what had happened and saw Jane shaking her head and grabbing at something above her.

“What are you doing? ” asked Joe.

“It’s cobwebs, ” explained Jane. “Someone’s put them up here too. See, this wasn’t a ghost. ” Yet as she said that there was a bang in the hallway and they sold out to see a book in the middle of the floor.

“Mum! ” Jane shouted “Is which you? ” But there was no reply.

“I told you something spooky is going on, ” groaned Joe.

“I’m frightened, ” said Hannah.

“Let’s go back downstairs, ” Jane suggested. They will tiptoed back down the landing towards the stairs, all holding onto each other. As they passed the bathroom door it sounded like someone was banging on the door. They all froze as the door slowly creaked open.

“Who’s there? ” shouted Jane.

There is no answer. Jane, Hannah and Joe all looked at each other once again. They were afraid to move but they were also afraid to stay on the landing in case they saw the ghosting. “Hello? ” Jane shouted out there again.

As they stood trembling, wanting to know whether they should move or not these people heard the door to Jane’s space start to open. As they turned to discover who was at the door a physique jumped out at them.

“Boo!! ” shouted Harry, as he made an appearance in the doorway of the bathroom.

And, “Raaaarrrr!! ” shouted Alice as she jumped out from Jane’s space.

Jane, Hannah and Joe just about all screamed as Harry and Alice started laughing. “We got you! ” they shouted triumphantly.

“You big meanies, ” Hannah cried. “We were all really frightened. ”

“I told you I’d frighten you today Joe, ” Harry laughed.

“Where’s Mum and Aunty Pat? ” Jane asked.

“They’re out in the shed looking for last year’s lights, ” explained Alice.

The doorbell rang and Hannah ran downstairs to answer the doorway. Their party guests had started arriving. “We’ll get you back the next time, ” Jane warned as they visited get the party started.

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