Polaris Media Builds For the Future

If you discover it hard to believe that a multilevel marketing (MLM) company can help you achieve a $10, 500 commission check with one transaction you might be surprised to learn that Polaris Mass media Group is advertising just that. With the company’s two-up style pay strategy, distributors are supposedly able to make big money in the business of personal development.

What Do They Do?

Polaris Media sells personal and professional development products that will range in price from $30 in order to $15, 000. They sell DVDs, publications, workshops, and conferences. The group’s mission is to help people attain the amount of career independence and financial freedom that only entrepreneurship can truly offer. Some of their noted programs are the home based study program, Beyond Freedom, as well as the series, Departure, Decision, and Activity.

About Polaris Media Group

If you’ve heard of the company, Liberty League, odds are you’ve already heard of Polaris Media Group. The company was founded by Shane Krider, the entrepreneur who co-founded Liberty League before the group obtained themselves into trouble after federal government investigations into claims they were conning network marketers. There isn’t much information from the web about them just yet but through what little I was able to gather, Polaris Media have learnt from mistakes made at Liberty League. They appear to be a legitimate group using a real product to sell.

Profit Strategy

Being a top tier program the company pays big commissions when a selling is made. Up to $10, 000 can be made from just one person signing up for their own top package, providing that the rep is qualified to receive the top commission rates (there are four levels of compensation).

Scam or Investment?

It’s early yet to tell how things will work out with Polaris Media. It’s difficult in any economy to rely on stable sales of high-ticket products, and more so when people really know very little about the company.
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The best practice for any network marketer is to complete a thorough review into any MLM’s items, training systems, and profit program before making the decision to commit.

Training course

The training program offered by the company is easy yet effective. If you’re passionate about assisting individuals obtain their personal plus professional success through Polaris Media’s set of tools, you owe it to yourself to get a solid marketing strategy in place. As always, follow the advise of your team leader – do exactly what they say.

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